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Business Structure Blueprint E-Book (Instantly Emailed)

Business Structure Blueprint E-Book (Instantly Emailed)

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This ebook is designed for small business owners builders. The main functions is for small business owners to develop different business structures for TAX WRITE OFF purposes.


It guides you through and gives primary examples of vendors to use for building your business structure. It includes over 20 different LOW COST vendors small business owners can use to build their business and use to bypass underwriting purposes.

  • The main goal is for long term of business development, and not short term. This process will help gather all the information for constant and accurate reporting for businesses. Accompanied in this Ebook is Workbook filled with tons of activities, to keep you on track for each phase of your business, BUILD OUT! These activities are geared for the everyday business owner to have a better understanding of their business. (e.g CASE STUDIES, CHECKLIST, QUESTIONNAIRE and VENDOR LIST).


Context of EBOOK:

·       Business Bank ACCOUNTS

·       411 Directory Listing Sites

·       OVER 10 VENDORS

·       Guide for Business Structure


·       Term and definitions

·       Primary Examples of DO'S and DONT'S

·       Direct Links for Business Documents.

·       Website and Domains.


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